Research Programmer in HoTT and Cubical Type Theory

We are hiring a research programmer at University of Minnesota to work with us on building next-generation proof assistant technology (broadly defined) based on homotopy type theory and cubical type theory. The ideal candidate would have some knowledge and interest in homotopy and cubical type theory, combined with concrete experience implementing type theoretic proof assistants using modern algorithms, such as bidirectional type checking and normalization-by-evaluation.

You will be exposed to the latest research in the field and can get involved in theoretical development of the research ideas. We welcome applicants who do not have a Ph.D. degree—a BA/BS degree is sufficient.

The research project is funded by the AFOSR through their MURI program, and your official affiliation would be the University of Minnesota with Favonia being your supervisor. However, you will frequently meet and collaborate with other researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, Wesleyan University, University of San Diego, and other institutions. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, most activities will be online, though you will have to be physically in the US. (We may be able to sponsor visas. Contact Favonia for details.)

We are interviewing candidates on a rolling basis until a match is found. Candidates applying by the end of March (2021/3/31) would be given priority.

How to apply

Here is the official link for application. Please also drop an email to Favonia so that we can confirm that your application correctly enters the system. If you are a current employee of the University of Minnesota, please use the official link for internal applications instead.

Some further information

What is the annual salary?

About $60,000 USD.

When is the expected start date?

As soon as you are ready.

How long does this position last?

The position will last as long as the project can support it and benefit from it. However, the expectation is that you will be in this position around 1-3 years (negotiable) and may choose to leave early (for example, to start a Ph.D.). Your official contract will be one-year but renewable.

I see that there’s a “work experience” requirement. What counts as “work experience”?

This requirement exists to satisfy an administrative requirement of the job code at the University of Minnesota. We will recognize a wide range of activities as “work experience”, such as contributions on GitHub during weekends. Please document related activities in your CV. If you are not sure if something counts as work experience, please ask Favonia.

I have more questions!

Please send an email to Favonia.


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