Postdoc Positions at Minnesota

I am looking for postdocs for my group at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. The length is about 18-24 months but negotiable. The funding can support a wide range of topics in type theory and programming language theory. I am particularly interested in raising the rigor of computer programs or mathematical proofs. To name a few possible research directions:

  1. higher-dimensional type theory (e.g., cubical type theory)
  2. mechanization of proofs (e.g., in homotopy theory)
  3. property-based testing

I am open to other topics not on the list. Please check my website for the work I did. Teaching is not required, but we can discuss it if you are interested. The start date is flexible though I prefer early spring.


You must have a Ph.D. in Computer Science, Mathematics, Philosophy, or some related field when the job starts. I need your CV, your cover letter (explaining your motivation) and two professional references.


Background in type theory or programming language theory, good publication record, and experience in proof mechanization are all pluses.

How to Apply

If you are currently an employee of the University of Minnesota, use this link:

Otherwise, this is for everyone else:


We take diversity and inclusiveness seriously, which is an important reason why I joined the University. I strongly encourage people of often underrepresented groups (not just regarding race or gender) to consider this position.


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