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A profile picture of Favonia standing on the rocks, facing backwards. I am an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota. My research interests lie in achieving a high level of rigor in computer programs and mathematical proofs. In particular, I have been working on proof mechanization, type theory, programming language theory, and property-based testing. Check out my Ph.D. advising statement if you are interested.

How to Cite My Name in Your LaTeX Papers

I found Kuen-Bang {Hou (Favonia)} works best in LaTeX, BibTeX and Biber.

Current Research


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My names in everyday life are the sequences f-a-v-o-n-i-a and 西-. They mean west wind. My governmental name is Kuen-Bang Hou (transliteration of the Mandarin name 侯昆邦). I go by Kuen-Bang Hou (Favonia) in academics.

You are welcome to pronounce them in any reasonable language, dialect or accent. You can also transliterate them into any reasonable writing system.


Any pronoun works for me. (Previously, I used they/them, and there’s nothing wrong with continuing using they/them.)

Knuth’s Check

I am aware that Knuth wanted to send me a check, but I was not unable to reach them (Knuth or Knuth’s secretary) through emails.

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