Changes to CSCI 8980 Sec 003 in Response to COVID-19

Favonia will update this document frequently.

Planned Changes

Significantly updated on 3/24

It is expected that we will more or less follow the original schedule, but through a different medium.

Please note that the details of on-line lectures are subject to changes.

Conventional Lectures (3/19 and All Tuesdays)

Favonia will record the lectures and release them on Kaltura MediaSpace YouTube.

Agda Practices (All Thursdays except 3/19)

We will use Zoom breakout rooms to form small groups and program in pairs and trios.

Office Hours

Tuesday lectures starting 3/24 are turned into office hours.

How to Join Zoom Sessions

Links are in the main course schedule.

Your Internet and Devices

Please fill out the technology check-in form if you have not done it yet, especially if you know Zoom will not work on your devices.

Your Privacy

We will not record any lectures or practices.

How YOU can Help Favonia Improve On-line Teaching

Favonia is all ears for suggestions to make the online teaching smoother. As usual, please kindly provide your feedback, positive and negative, anonymous or not, on Piazza or other platforms. Favonia reads every word and takes it very seriously.

The pair programming could be challenging because screen sharing might not be clear enough for coding. An alternative is real-time collaborative editing in Emacs, but it would need more setups. Please share your thoughts with Favonia and your classmates if you have a suggestion. Thank you.

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